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1 on 1 Mentorship

Mentors & Mentees are matched based upon location and shared interests. Mentors spend a minimum of 4 hours monthly with their personal mentee.

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Faith Based

Jesus Christ is the core of our ministry. 

Community Gardening

Community Based

Dream Big partners with local churches in the child's community to promote community involvement & provide holistic care.

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Child Focused

We provide holistic care based on the individual needs of each child we serve. 


We serve at risk youth ages 12-17 living in Hardin, McNairy, & Hardeman counties of Tennessee.


Although addiction and poverty are our two main areas of focus, our mission is to provide services to all children that are in need of hope & guidance.

What does Mentorship look like?

  • Dream Big Believe Bigger  is a community-based 1:1 mentoring program.

  • The mentor and mentees meet in positive, socially appropriate venues, attend appropriate events such as go to museums.

  • Parents/Guardian permission and active participation are required.

  • Mentors undergo a comprehensive screening process: application, interview, criminal background check, and reference checks. 

  • Mentors commit to at least a one-year mentoring experience; attend quarterly group events with their mentee; spend at least 4 hours with mentee per month.

  • Mentors focus on positive social, academic, career, and life skills as appropriate for the age of the child.

  • Mentoring activities vary per age group. Pairs may do everyday things and just hang out together.

  • Group activities focus on community service, as well as, spiritual and leadership development.

  • Program Coordinator is responsible for mentor recruitment, screening and training and  provides ongoing support and supervision to mentors and mentees.


Meeting 4 specific needs of each child

  1. Spiritual- Dream Big, Believe Bigger will provide Bible based teaching and curriculum to encourage spiritual growth and development. We strongly believe spiritual maturity and development provide a sense of hope where there otherwise would be none.

  2. Physical- Dream Big, Believe Bigger will work to provide for basics needs of children and families such as: food, clothing, hygiene items, adequate shelter, and educational materials.

  3. Academic- Mentees will receive assistance with basic school needs to ensure they receive a strong education. School materials will also be provided.

  4. Personal- Many at risk youth in rural communities are left to face the realities of life on their own with parents that are struggling with addiction, incarceration, or other obstacles. The goal of Dream Big, Believe Bigger is to fill in the gap and be a positive voice in the lives of these children that are suffering in the darkness. They will no longer have to overcome on their own.

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